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While the rest of the world sweats it out to shed those kilos all the time and obsesses with calorie counting, fad diets, new-age marketing gimmicks such as diet pills, weight loss soaps and other unproven and unscientific techniques promising instant body shaping, you can beat the battle of the bulge with smart weight loss and maintenance techniques mentioned here. We have scoured the Internet for researching and compiling these facts on easy weight loss tips that are equally effective as they are fast and do not call for spending too much time, money or energy to adapt to - once you have made up your mind to shed those extra kilos!

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The truth is that one is carrying around that excess baggage due to a certain reason, which needs to be pin-pointed and verified as being outside the scope of genetic disorder, as a side-effect of some medication or disease and then learn there bodily needs for daily nutrition so that they can cut back on the excess through sensible dieting. When dieting is combined with regular physical exercise and controlled decisions on shopping for healthy foods cooked right, it is bound to lead to quick and effective weight loss - the goal of all dieters today.

If one eliminates the causes of dieting failures - skipping meals that result in binge eating, completely cutting away favorite foods instead of cutting down on their consumption, using wrong methods of cooking instead of healthier cooking options and eating the wrong foods that fill one with empty calories instead of giving nourishment - it will promote the cause of healthy dieting. This is what all dieters need to know and understand in order to adapt their approach to healthy, practical and long-term diet plans. Simply reducing the amount of food you eat is not enough - as a new-age, well-read and intelligent dieter looking to hold on to the long-term effects of a good diet plan, you also need to monitor and change the foods that are not helping you in reaching your ideal weight loss goal.

The below-mentioned tips on easy, effective and fast weight loss are aimed at helping regular people -not just celebrities and one-day wonders - in realizing their goal of weight loss; take a look and get inspired towards body beautiful for you this year!

- To lose weight fast is not as important as doing it safely and effectively so it stays in the long-term as a healthy dieting option, instead of fluctuating when one goes off the diet. Therefore, it is important to understand how much of the food intake to reduce, which foods to cut down and which to cut away completely from while applying the principles of healthy, moderate eating to sustain oneself during a proper weight loss and management program.

- Experts advise against taking to any sort of fad dieting or crash dieting as far as long-term weight loss goals are concerned as firstly, what works for your friend or even a family member may not always have the same results for you and secondly, many of the so-called low-fat, low-calorie options in beverages and food products are nothing more than marketing gimmicks and can be harmful if taken for a long time. Thus, decreased calorie intake as required by an individual's bodily needs is the best way to fight the battle of the bulge.

- The fat that is not burned up during regular activities gets stored in the body, which is an undesirable fact for dieters and to avoid this from happening, smart dieters need to raise their fat burning metabolism to combat this and more - disease fighting ability of the immune system and higher energy levels can be achieved through sensible diet planning and including regular exercise with dieting.

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