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The world is not in black and white. It certainly is not divided between slim and overweight people, despite what the popular media is claiming. There are a lot of people who are in the same boat as you are; so you should not despair about sticking out like a sore thumb. We all know how difficult it is to find support among friends and family members who do not share your weight loss problems. The thing is: everyone wants you to slim down, but the more they egg you into doing it, the more you feel like you are completely letting them down.

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In many instances, people judge you by your mere appearance thinking that you are not exerting yourself enough. How many times have you been approached by acquaintances and mere strangers who "lecture" you on how to get thin, even (and especially) when you are not asking for their recommendations? How many times have they "volunteered" you to undergo an exercise regimen, just because they think they you are not trying hard enough on your own? Even more maddening is this: how many times have your friends and family members introduce you to someone who has "slimmed" down; and you sit there, being required to listen to what that other person has to say (but you are not really listening,) just to please everyone?

If you have experienced one or two or all of these instances, you know that this leads you to find solace in the one thing that you know will not be so critical of your efforts - and that would be food. This is basically where the term "comfort" food comes into play. Unfortunately, this is the same situation that makes you gain weight in the first place.

Fortunately, you do not have to bear this burden on your own. There are a number of support groups out there for people who are in the very same situation as you. If you are not particularly predisposed to personally meeting a bunch of strangers, sitting down in a huddle and talking about weight loss problems, there will always be online weight loss support groups. Online weight loss support groups are as numerous on the World Wide Web as there are weight loss products being touted about. You just need to find the right websites or online forums to subscribe to.

There are actually 2 kinds of online weight loss support groups. The first kind of online weight loss support group is simply a forum where just about anyone can put in a word or two. Some forums entail a membership fee ($5 to $10) in order to join the online discussions, such as My Diet Buddy and Weight Watchers. Others are totally free like Curvy Chick Online, Don't Tell Me What Size I Must B, and Overeaters Anonymous, to name a few.

The second kind of online weight loss support group is where there is a specific product you have to subscribe to. That product can be a specific diet plan, a "step" program for losing weight on a long-term basis, such as Spark People, Take Shape For Life, The Recovery Group and Working The Steps.

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