Tips For Rapid Weight Loss - Revisited

Here are the best tips for rapid weight loss which you can implement straight away and start losing weight fast. If you are struggling to lose weight and simply don't have the money to throw at expensive weight loss pills and personal trainers, its okay and you're not alone. I will show you how to lose weight fast without spending a cent.
1. Make a list of your weak points. Some common ones are chocolate, ice cream, alcohol, crisps etc. Whatever it is identify it and control it, find a substitute to eat when you have cravings, for example your favourite healthy food. If you feel like you are caving in, limit the portion, have half a packet of crisps or just a spoonful of ice cream.
I know of a lot of people who are unhappy with their weight and if they just cut out their "bogey" foods would drop pounds in a matter of days.
2. Get out for a half hour power walk. The thing is, you need to exercise to experience rapid weight loss and by power walking you will increase your heart rate and burn fat. If you feel you can break a slow jog, go for it, you will burn more fat.
A lot of people are uneasy about heading off outside to exercise and get a little self conscious. If this is the case, get out as early as possible when everyone's still getting ready for work.
3.Reduce the amount of unnecessary carbohydrates you take on and increase the amount of protein. If you are excessively eating foods high in carbohydrates you are hindering your diet efforts. Instead eat fresh salmon, tuna, chicken and other foods high in protein to encourage weight loss. Protein also makes you feel full and so you will eat less.
By implementing these tips for rapid weight loss I would be very surprised if you didn't see some very good results and very fast.
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