Weight Loss Dangers - Avoid the Fads

Seems like every time you turn around you are constantly being offered information on weight loss and dieting. Weather it is on television, the news stand, the super market checkout or the internet, we are being bombarded with the latest tips on quick ways to lose weight.

Unfortunately, not all of the tips being offered work and actually, some can be down right dangerous to your health. I put together a little question and answer of some of the most common misleading tips I have heard of.

Q. I have heard that spot training will reduce body fat in the targeted area.

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A. this is definitely not true, and I am sure most weight loss experts would agree with me when I say; no matter what type of workout you do, you cannot force your body to spot reduce your fat under any circumstances.
You could do 100s of crunches a day in the hopes of losing your belly fat with no effect. Don't get me wrong crunches are a great way to tone up the abs, but burning off the fat is another story. Your focus should not only be on the crunches, you need follow a healthy diet that will help to speed up your metabolism, which will get you burning the weight off fast!

Q. Can drastically cutting down on calorie intake reduces your body fat?

A. This myth has pushed many a person to the brink of crash dieting and is one of the big dangers of fad dieting. People take to crash dieting in the hope of shedding those extra pounds, not realizing that they are doing their bodies more harm than good.

Here it is in a nutshell: starving your body breaks your body down both physically and mentally. Your metabolism slows down and actually starts to burn muscle mass to survive. And once you return to your normal diet, the weight comes right back, the yoyo diet effect.

Q. If I just do aerobics will I lose the weight I want.

A. Yes and no. Aerobics are great for burning fat, but you also want to tone your muscles. Now if you are really looking to shake thing up a bit, weight lifting may be the ticket. Using weight lifting in combination with aerobics will really get your body going. Combined this with a sensible diet plan and you will start to fell better, look better, and your weight loss goals will finally start to become a reality.

Remember, dieting and exercise should be the main components of any successful weight loss diet plan, to be successful you need to start with a solid foundation.

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