Weight Loss - Late Night Eating and Weight Loss

One thing that confuses a lot of people with their weight loss diet plan is whether or not eating late at night is going to hinder the fat loss they see.

Often these individuals will believe that anything they do eat will turn directly to body fat, so they then believe the key to seeing optimal fat loss is to avoid eating after a certain time (some will think 6pm, others 8pm.)

But, is this really the case?

Here's what to consider.

Total Calorie Intake on Your Fat Loss Diet

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First up, consider what you're total calorie intake is going to be on your fat loss diet. If the late night eating is going to keep you within that range, it isn't going to cause you to gain weight.

Always keep in mind that the key to weight loss is going to boil down to total calorie intake.

So, if you take in fewer calories over the entire day than what is required for you to maintain your weight, you're not going to gain weight.

Likewise, if you add in some late night eating in addition to what your fat loss diet plan already calls for, then yes, you very well could experience a weight gain because of it.


Next up, you should be thinking about satiety. If you are sticking within your calorie budget for the day with your late night eating, this means you're likely not eating as much as you should be during the day. That in itself is one big factor that could cause weight gain as it will increase the chances that you binge.

Therefore, it still is going to be best if you can try and spread your meals out throughout the day as best as possible.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Finally, sleep is incredibly important for weight loss because those who are lacking sleep are more likely to binge on carbohydrates, and have an increase in cortisol levels in their body, which promotes the accumulation of abdominal fat.

So, if you're eating so much that you are struggling to sleep well, that will without a doubt effect your rate of fat loss.

Likewise, if you're not eating because you're scared you'll gain weight and this is causing you to go to bed hungry and miss out on a good nights sleep, that isn't going to be good either.

It's really best to try and balance it.

A nice, light snack before bed, that's worked in with your total daily calorie budget is really going to be the best way to see optimal results with your fat loss diet plan.

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