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The thought of weight loss and dieting may create mixed emotions for you. Perhaps you've tried several weight loss and dieting plans but haven't been able to lose the weight or keep it off. On the other hand, maybe you'd love to find a solution that delivers the results that you have always hoped for. If you find weight loss and dieting frustrating, you're not alone.

Losing weight can seem like a never-ending journey. How many times have you started a diet, dropped a few pounds, and then gained the weight (plus more) back? Unfortunately, that's the experience that many people have.

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The fat-loss industry earned more than $46 million in profits in 2007. If their products work so well, why do people keep coming back for more? Once they've lost the weight, shouldn't they be able to maintain that weight loss for life?

Think about it. How many of these diets have you tried?

* The Reduced-Fat Diet: Did you know that reduced-fat diets set you up for yo-yo dieting? It's true! For a period of time, you'll do great by limiting your calories. However, limiting your calorie intake makes you tired and frustrated. One day you'll reach for that comfort food and before you know it, you've overindulged. This is where most people fail. They'll sabotage their efforts because they're hungry, then feel frustrated when their "will power" fades away, and give up on their weight-loss plan. You don't have to spend your life counting calories.

* The Low-Carb Diet: Here's the kicker: You need carbohydrates for energy and brain power. Low-carb diets will yield quick results, but over time they will ruin your health. You'll also lose lean muscle mass, which is exactly what you DON'T want to do.

* The "Exercise Until You Drop" Diet: How many times have you decided to work out like crazy, only to find yourself sore and frustrated? Unless you've committed your life to fitness, it's not likely that you'll go from zero to 100 and stay there. The truth is that you can exercise less than 12 minutes a week and still burn fat.

Do you really want to spend your life obsessing over every calorie? What if there was a way to take off the weight and keep it off without strenuous exercise or food deprivation?

Weight loss and dieting don't have to be difficult. Losing weight is a goal that's well within your reach, as long as you stay away from crazy fad diets that are unhealthy for you. Don't buy into plans that will have you digging into your wallet for the rest of your life; choose a proven program that teaches you how to build a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain on your own. The secret to any weight loss and dieting program is that it should transform your life so that you can focus on living instead of eating.

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