Stick to Your Weight Loss Program

A weight loss program should enable you to eat healthy and exercise right. These are the two key components to help you lose weight. Your weight loss program should be aimed at getting rid of excess fat, building up your endurance, and keep you motivated.

Before beginning any program to help you lose weight, you should consult your physician to make sure you are good to go. After this, you should focus on setting up motivators to keep at your weight loss program. Long term results are what you are aiming for. Don't be discouraged if you cannot see results within the first week or two. You probably gained that extra weight over a few years and it will take time to get rid of it. Discipline to keep going is the key here.

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You can also motivate yourself by putting pictures on your refrigerator of a bathing suit you might like to wear, a picture of the body you want, or just a list of the benefits you will enjoy, such as better health, more endurance, etc, when you achieve your goal.

Always stretch before beginning your exercise program. You can do some major damage to muscles and joints that are not properly warmed up. You should always start a new program slowly. Pushing your body before it is ready is a sure fire way to abandon your weight loss program.

You should incorporate different ways to lose weight into your routine. Walking, jogging, weight lifting, swimming, running, should give you enough variety that you will not become bored. Treadmills are a very good piece of equipment as they will allow you to do a favorite pastime, like watch TV, while still working out.

The more physical you are and the more lean muscle you build the more calories you can have, which means the more you can eat. An important part of any weight loss program is to not feel your being starved. By combining healthy foods with a variety of exercises should bring you the desired results you seek.

So remember, stick to your program and you will lose the weight and get the body you had before kids, before aging, and before learning that cookies taste good. Patience is a virtue. You will be rewarded. Stick to it.


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