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Zantrex 3 has been a part of the over counter weight loss pill market for quite some now but still the official website insist on using the word new as if new could be the catalyst to convince a dieter that has tried the more established brands without success to experiment with Zantrex 3.

Rapid weight loss and incredible energy are just two of the tag lines used in promotion, as is 546 per cent more weight loss than the leading Ephedrine based weight loss pill. How the figure of 546 per cent was arrived at is anybody's guess. Ephedrine, incendenatly, is a derivative of the now banned Ephedra. Ephedra was a potent weight loss formula but has been removed from the weight loss pill market amid fears that is could cause a vast array of side effects ranging from the minor to the more serious. Ephedrine is mild by comparison.

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So What Is Zantrex 3 and can it provide rapid weight loss?

Zantrex 3 is fat burner that contains a stimulant called Xanthine. Xanthine has a similar effect on the human body to caffeine. Caffeine is not the not the cause of rapid weight loss although it does contain fat burning properties. Fat burning on the whole is the least effective genre of weight loss pill, as for any kind of effect to happen the user has to be mobile. Caffeine alone will burn fat it just provides additional energy or fuel for body to enable mobility.

The biggest concern over Zantrex 3 from a consumer perspective is the potential side effects. Many users have complained of the jitters or restlessness, a common by product of consuming too much caffeine. Zantrex 3 is not out of the ordinary, it is not revolutionary and certainly does not promote rapid weight loss.

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